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6 Ways to Shop in the Northern Mariana Islands

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Guam and Hawaii may be considered the shopping capitals of the Pacific Islands, but there are a lot of great finds in the Northern Mariana Islands, too. If you know where to look and what to look for, shopping will be a highlight of your vacation in CNMI. You can come away with luxury goods, marked-down imported items, and quality local products—all in the span of one trip.

Here’s CNMI Phone Book’s guide to the things you can buy on the islands. These tips, as well as our e-yellow page listings, will set you up on the ultimate shopping spree in the Northern Mariana Islands!

Shop for Luxury Goods at a CNMI Shopping Mall

A luxury shopping experience is possible in CNMI, thanks to the presence of malls like T Galleria by DFS. This branch of the Hong Kong-based travel retailer, located in Saipan, is where CNMI visitors should shop for high-end goods. Here, you can get your fix of designer clothing, handbags, luggage, fragrances, and chocolates. You’ll be surprised at the variety of items you’ll find!.

Find Clothing and Other Essentials at a Northern Marianas Department Store

If you’re on a budget and you enjoy looking for thrifty, casual finds, feel free to check out any of CNMI’s department stores. Some that are worth mentioning are Liberty Department Store, Lucky Star, and Pretty Host. At these establishments, you can shop for clothes, homeware, toys, and gift items without breaking the bank.

Hunt for the Perfect Souvenirs at a CNMI Shopping Center

Many travelers desire to bring home souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones. If you’ve got a slew of relations, friends, and coworkers excited over gifts, you can visit some of the shopping hubs in CNMI. I Love Saipan shopping center and pedestrian mall Paseo de Marianas are great stops for souvenirs. In either of these shopping centers, you can get local snacks, trinkets, and other items at very fair prices.

Complete Your Grocery Shopping at a Northern Marianas Grocery

Your expenses for food, toiletries, and other basic needs will be very steep if you depend exclusively on your hotel or resort. To save money and secure all of these items, do your grocery shopping at one of CNMI’s supermarkets. One grocery chain that’s particularly popular in CNMI is Joeten. This is the place to go for reasonably priced household goods, fresh produce, and clothing basics.

Look for High-Quality Furniture at a CNMI Furniture Retail Store

It may be the case that you’re in CNMI for a temporary business assignment, or you’ve made plans to move here permanently. One of your top priorities, then, should be to equip your Northern Mariana residence with all its necessary furnishings. You can get affordable furniture of good quality at CNMI furniture stores like Town House Furniture and Appliances, Monika’s Furniture, and Vietnam Home Gallery. For furniture maintenance and utility items, visit one of the numerous Ace Hardware branches located in CNMI.

Let Loose in One of CNMI’s Iconic Street Markets

Your shopping experience in the Northern Marianas doesn’t have to revolve around your purchases. Make time during your shopping trip to eat a good meal, speak to the locals, and catch any free live entertainment within the vicinity. You can do all these in the Garapan Street Market, a favorite hangout for tourists and locals alike. Look up our phone book listings of the street markets in CNMI to see where else you can go for a laid-back, spontaneous shopping trip.


Whether you’re on a thrifty budget, a generous one, or somewhere in between, you’ll find shopping in CNMI to be a rewarding experience. Let CNMI Phone Book help you score awesome purchases within the islands!


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