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Department Stores in CNMI

Avid shoppers love the department stores in CNMI for their variety and convenience. These retail establishments eliminate the need to go from store to store to shop for clothing, cosmetics, furniture, and home and living items. Find the best department stores in the Northern Marianas by browsing the CNMI Phone Book’s listings now.

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Department stores in the United States usually come in two categories: mainline department stores offer mid- to high-end consumer goods that are generally sold at full price, while discount department stores present their wares at a discount or sell overstock merchandise from mainline brands at lower prices. Both kinds can be easily found in the Northern Marianas—just use the CNMI Phone Book to find them. All you have to do is navigate to the yellow pages tab and enter the relevant keyword in the search bar. Our phone book contains various listings for department stores in CNMI, as well as commercial centers, shopping emporiums, and other retail stores.

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