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A Short Guide to Healthcare Services in CNMI


The healthcare sector of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands was formally established in 1978 with the founding of the CNMI Department of Public Health. Today, local health experts lead the sector alongside expatriate staff who’ve trained in places as varied as the U.S, mainland, Canada, and the Philippines. The government actively encourages the growth of medical expertise in CNMI, and as such, it offers scholarships to aspiring doctors who want to study medicine in the U.S. There are also excellent nurse training programs within the islands, for example in the Northern Marianas College.

If you’ll be in CNMI for an extended period, it’ll be wise to know about how the islands’ health sector works. Below are some important information on the different healthcare services available in CNMI, plus a few relevant listings from the CNMI Phone Book’s e-yellow pages. This knowledge will come in handy whether you’re in CNMI for a long vacation, to do business, to settle with your family, or to retire.

Essential Healthcare Services

The most essential healthcare services within the islands come courtesy of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC). CHCC operates the Commonwealth Health Center, a flagship hospital in Saipan, as well as the Tinian Health Center and Rota Health Center.

The Commonwealth Health Center is Medicare-certified and has a capacity of 86 beds. It offers the most comprehensive range of health services within the Northern Marianas. It has a responsive emergency department, a number of outpatient clinics, ancillary services, a dialysis unit, and a cancer center. It also hosts its own population health programs for maternal and child health, nutrition, immunization, diabetes prevention and care, tuberculosis treatment, and emergency preparedness. The hospital is also proud of its behavioral health programs, which include psychiatry for adults and young people.

The less populated islands of Tinian and Rota have their own dedicated health centers. Tinian Health Center has an outpatient clinic, a 24/7 emergency room, dental services, radiology and laboratory services, a pharmacy, and video counseling services, among others. Rota Health Center, on the other hand, offers primary care, emergency care, radiology services, laboratory services, dental care, an immunization clinic, and telehealth services, among others.

In case of emergency, residents can also call for ambulance transport around CNMI. Top providers include Priority Care and Marianas Global Services. Whichever Northern Mariana island you are based in, you’ll have access to many of the major healthcare services you’ll ever need.

Health Clinics

There are also many CNMI clinics that offer specialized services such as non-emergency outpatient surgery, pediatrics, and dentistry. These are services that you and your loved ones can take advantage of, all without needing to queue at a major hospital.

CNMI Phone Book recommends the Marianas Medical Center, Seventh Day Adventist Clinic, Pacific Medical Center, Pacific Sleep Center, and Saipan Health Clinic. You may call any of these facilities to inquire about their clinic hours and to ask about their clinicians’ specialties.


There are also a number of well-stocked CNMI drug stores where you can find prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, and medical supplies like bandages and syringes. Alongside essential pharmaceutical products, you can also buy health supplements, hygienic products, and some groceries here.

It won’t be hard to find a pharmacy in the Northern Marianas that offers your maintenance medication, vitamins, first aid kit essentials, and more. If you’re a newcomer to CNMI, visit Brabu Pharmacy & Wellness Center, Phi Pharmacy, Medpharm, or NIC Health for starters.

Healthcare at Home

A number of those who currently live in the Northern Marianas are retirees. For the elderly— for whom home care is often the safest, most comfortable, and most convenient option—there are excellent home nursing services in CNMI.

On-call nurses like those of MVN Marianas Visiting Nurses can give elderly or infirm patients the home care they need. Do not hesitate to call a home nurse for sensitive, reliable, and professional home care.

Alternative Medicine

You can also make alternative medicine part of your healthcare regimen in CNMI. One alternative therapy is acupuncture, which uses needles to stimulate nerve-rich areas in the body and facilitate wound healing and pain modulation.

The Northern Marianas are home to a number of well-trained acupuncturists. You certainly have the option to consult an acupuncturist in CNMI to help you manage some of your aches and pains. Licensed practitioners like those from Women Sense will apply safe and effective treatments to help your body heal.

Finding the Best Options for Staying Healthy in the Northern Marianas

CNMI has a health sector that’s currently on the verge of expansion. There are plenty of health services in the territory to help you achieve a long, happy, and comfortable life.. Browse through the CNMI Phone Book’s e-yellow pages, and you’ll be one click away from finding the medical treatment or healthcare service you need today!

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