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You Auto Guide for the CNMI

You Auto Guide for the CNMI

As a famous author once wrote, “Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” 

This is particularly true for the Northern Mariana Islands, where car is the major form of transportation. 

Owning a car takes a lot of resources, attention, and commitment to keep it running smoothly. But with the right resources, you can avoid any stress and keep your car in good condition for many years, or decades, to come. 

Finding a good mechanic

The first thing a car owner needs is a trusty mechanic or auto repair shop (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/automobile-repair-service/) for routine maintenance and unplanned repairs. 

When it comes to picking an automobile repair shop, you have a choice between service departments at auto dealers and neighborhood shops. Automobile dealers like Joeten Motors employ factory-trained technicians with expertise on specific brands. While neighborhood auto repair shops tend to have friendlier or more affordable service. 

Whichever type of shop you feel comfortable with, remember that regular service appointments can belay the need to rush to the mechanic and minimize costly repairs. 

But if you notice something off, it’s important to pay a visit to your mechanic and possibly avoid more problems down the road. 

The air conditioning is definitely something you want to get repaired professional  ( link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/automobile-air-conditioning-service/). Repairs can get costly, so reduce that cost by getting repaired correctly the first time.

Over time the upholstery on the seats will need some TLC. While an auto shop may be able to assist a trip to an upholstery professional (link to) https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/upholstery/

Be hands on after  a quick trip for supplies

While a good mechanic is a must, there are somethings you can learn to do yourself to save money – like changing light bulbs, replacing windshield wipers and changing the battery. Find everything you need at Napa Auto Parts or other Auto parts and supply stores (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/automobile-parts-supplies/). 

Quick and easy procedure you can do is cleaning the air filter. This involves simply unscrewing the cap covering the filter, then sliding out the old filter and sliding in a new filter. You can check your car’s owner manual to see where it is located and check if it looks discolored or clogged. You can clean your headlights your self to improve nighttime visibility. You wild simply need a headlight restoration kit. 

If you’re careful, you can also clean your battery terminal or change it. 

Changing the coolant or oil can be done at home, as well, with a little research and the right tools. 

Give your car extra TLC with a new paint job

Regular maintenance goes beyond routine oil changes and various flushes, it can also include going the extra mile by getting a professional car wash and detailing. (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/car-washing-polishing/.)

Splurge on full service or find a package that fits your budget, but the feeling of getting into a car that is freshly washed and detailed is like no other.

If you’re looking for more ways to be excited about your car, consider getting a new paint job or fixing up any dents or scratches at an auto body or repair shop. (link to  https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/automobile-body-repair-painting/). 

When it’s time to upgrade

Need a new car all together? Find the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle at any auto dealer (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/automobile-dealers/). Akins Kroll is the official dealer for Toyota and Lexus, while Joeten Motors is the official dealer for Honda, Nissan, Ford and Kia. 

Be sure to shop around for the best features and possible promotions, and keep in mind your budget and specific needs. Plus, you’ll be spending a lot of time in it for the next several years, so get something you look forward to revving up every day. 

On occasion you may have need of a temporary vehicle. Luckily, the CNMI has a great selection of car rental services.  (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/automobile-rental-leasing/ )

Whether you’re cruising down Beach Road or going about your daily commute, drive safely and enjoy the ride!   

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