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The All-Purpose Guide to Dining and Snacking in the Northern Mariana Islands

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Though hardcover yellow pages are rarer now, we at the CNMI Phone Book have replicated both their helpfulness and their simplicity in our current online platform. That means that visitors to and residents of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands(CNMI) can more quickly and easily get the information they need, when they need it  Your complete guide to searching for what you need in the Northern Marianas is all here, accessible with just a few clicks!

One of the most important categories we have on this site is, of course, food. You should know who to call and where to go in Saipan, Tinian, Rota or elsewhere on the islands for a hearty meal and some refreshments. For that, we have an array of phone book listings that you can use to order food, reserve a table, or inquire about dining specials. Come to the Northern Marianas hungry, and CNMI Phone Book will help you satisfy any particular craving! Read on below for more information on the dining options and establishments that you can find in CNMI.


Dining out should be one of the highlights of your days spent in the Northern Mariana Islands. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of restaurants in CNMI.  In our listing, you can find restaurants that serve traditional Chamorro fare like kelaguen, tinaktak, estufao, and morcizas. Some examples are J’s Restaurant and Salty’s.

However, it’s just as easy to find all-American food within the islands. There are franchises, like Hard Rock Café that serve up American favorites like burgers and steaks. There’s also the CNMI pizza parlors and fast food joints like Pizza Hut and KFC. And lastly, you can take the opportunity to relish the cuisines of the Northern Marianas’ long-standing diasporic communities. The Northern Mariana Islands is definitely a place where you can get your fix of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food!

Bars and Grill Restos

Another thing that the CNMI is known for is its sumptuous nightlife. And sumptuous is the right word indeed. There are plenty of establishments where you can knock back a good meal and some bar chow before washing everything down with drinks!

Check the CNMI Phone Book directory of bars and grills for the top places to be. Crowd favorites include Godfathers Bar, Bitoy’s BBQ, and Sos Bar & Grill. If you want to maximize your night out, go to places where you can partake in live entertainment, karaoke, or dancing⁠—all in addition to enjoying a dinner.

Coffee and Pastries

Maybe you and your kids have a sweet tooth, or maybe, coffee shops have just always been your default hangout spot. Regardless of whether it’s to have dessert, to wind down, or to socialize, you can find your own cozy nook in the Northern Marianas. Rest assured, establishments like local CNMI coffee shops and CNMI bakeries can be found quite easily.

Scout around for mainstays in the community, like the CNMI doughnuts shop Winchell’s. Or, duck into a homegrown Northern Mariana Islands café like Mango Six or Roberto’s. CNMI Phone Book makes it easy for you to search listings by your dessert craving!

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

If you’d like to go shopping for food and beverages yourself, CNMI Phone Book’s supermarket listings should make that a breeze. Among the outlets you’ll be able to find within the islands are 99 Cents Supermarket, Afetna Supermarket, Blue Sky Supermarket, and Saipan Best Shopping.

By way of CNMI convenience stores, there’s Mobil Oil Marianas and several others. Our listings will help you whenever you need to shop for your meals, drinks, snacks, and other items..

Tips on Scouring CNMI Phone Book for Your Desired Listings

Know What You Want—Then Type in Our Search Bar

Finding what you need through the  CNMI Phone Book is easy. If you and your children want a cold treat, type “ice cream parlor” in our Yellow Pages search bar. For a slab of meat grilled the way you like it, type “steakhouse.” There are results already waiting for you.

Search by Locale

You can also sort your listings based on the establishments nearer to you. On the search bar to the right, beside the blue “Search” button, try typing “Saipan,” “Tinian,” or “Rota.” CNMI Phone Book will show you how many listings it has per island area.

Calling Is Still the Way to Go

Your preferred establishments may already have their own apps or social media pages, but we at CNMI Phone Book still celebrate the power of the telephone call. It’s immediate, personalized, and easy to do—especially if your access to the Internet is limited. Place a call, and experience the hospitality of Northern Mariana residents who work in dining and retail.

The CNMI Phone Book is here to guide you through the best eats⁠—and many more—around the Northern Mariana Islands. Find a listing today in our e-yellow pages!


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