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Have a Healthy New Year – fitness in the CNMI


Whether you’re reviving a previous attempt or starting fresh, fitness is a commendable goal and great start to the new year.

There’s more than one way to get a workout in the CNMI – from the standard gym workout to the not-so-typical forms of physical activity.

Get ready to move your body and kickstart your metabolism.

Stay focused at the gym

When you want to maintain razor focus on your fitness goals, the gym is the perfect place. You’ll have access to the equipment you’ll need, and you’ll be able to meet others that can help you on our fitness journey. You’ll find personal trainers to keep you motivated and fitness classes that will add fun and variety to your routine.

Check out Gold’s Gym Saipan (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/gyms/) for all of these and other amenities.

Some helpful tips for going to the gym: Be sure to avoid injury by asking gym staff for help with equipment you are not familiar with and don’t forget to warm up, stretch, drink plenty of water, and tailor your workouts to your fitness level.

Hit the green

If you don’t like being cooped up indoors, an outdoor activity like golf is a great way to stay fit.

While golf is not a high-energy sport, you’ll still burn calories swinging the club, walking around the course (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/golf-courses/), and standing. Golf also exercises the mind because it relies on accuracy, focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination.

The Marianas is home to beautiful courses, like the LaoLao Bay Golf & Resort. Or you can simply visit the Dandan Driving Range (https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/driving-range/ ) for some practice.

Fish for your health

Fishing has many benefits: it’s a hobby, a way to feed yourself and your family healthy protein, and you’ll get some exercise walking to your fishing spot, wading through water, standing, and reeling in your catch. Pick up some fishing supplies from Power Dragon Fishing Tackle or Fishing Tackle & Sporting goods (hyperlink to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/fishing-supplies/ ) and head to the nearest beach.

You’ll also get the opportunity to connect with nature. There’s so much beauty in the Marinas’ beaches and oceans to appreciate.


Before heading out, be mindful of the CNMI’s Marine Protected Areas by checking with the Costal Resources Management on Saipan (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/directory-gov_lists/listing/coastal-resources-management/), Tinian (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/directory-gov_lists/listing/coastal-resources-management-2/) and Rota (https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/directory-gov_lists/listing/coastal-resources-management-rota/ ).

Have fun with sports

For those who like to socialize and who enjoy the thrill of competition, sports are the ideal physical activity.

If you love running, join football (aka soccer). All the running, walking, and sprinting involved with football will improve your cardiovascular health and build your strength, flexibility, and endurance. It’s a competitive team sport that will get your adrenaline pumping. Check out the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association (link to https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/business-listings/sports-services/54569/ ) to see how you can join what some people call the world’s favorite sport.

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, there’s bowling. Bowling might seem like just a fun pastime, but you’ll build up strength and power from carrying the ball and work out your core muscles as you hold your body position and control your balance to hold and swing your arm for the perfect throw. Invite some pals for a friendly contest at the Saipan Bowling Alley or Saipan Bowling Center ( link https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/bowling/) or get in touch with the Saipan Bowling Association (https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/business-listings/sports-services/58627/ ) for more structured competitions.

Enjoy the health benefits

Regular exercise has so many benefits. It reduces your risk of many health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes. It can boost your energy, improve your mood, and help you sleep better.

Your mental health can improve as well as you set aside everyday stresses. Exercising outdoors has the added benefit of exposing you to fresh air and sunlight.

Whatever you decide to do to get some exercise, remember that fitness is a lifelong commitment. Stick to it and you’ll enjoy the benefits.




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