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Pharmacies in CNMI

Knowing the locations of pharmacies in CNMI is important, especially in cases of emergencies and if your doctor has prescribed you with maintenance drugs. The CNMI Phone Book is extremely helpful in this regard, with our up-to-date directory of pharmacies. What’s even better is that we not only have their locations, but also their latest contact numbers.

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Aside from maintenance medications, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medicines, pharmacies in Guam also carry various medical supplies. These include sterile gloves, surgical masks, and syringes, as well as equipment like home blood pressure monitors and glucometers. You can also find health supplements, as well as first-aid supplies like bandages, burn ointments, and anti-bacterial creams. In addition, pharmacies also sell a range of beauty and personal hygiene products such as make-up, bath soaps, shampoos, and alcohol. In short, pharmacies aren’t just for your medical needs. You can also rely on them for your wellness essentials. If you need help finding the closest pharmacies in your location, you can consult the CNMI Phone Book. We have a comprehensive online directory of pharmacies in the Northern Mariana Islands to help speed up your search.

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