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Wholesalers in CNMI

For many retailers, finding a great wholesaler is a boon to the business. Fortunately for entrepreneurs in the Northern Mariana Islands, making contact with good wholesale distributors and wholesalers in CNMI is easier than ever, thanks to the CNMI Phone Book. Easily locate wholesale distributors and suppliers for all kinds of goods and general merchandise by using our website’s search bar and looking up the appropriate keyword. You’ll be able to find a reliable wholesaler in no time at all!

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Wholesaling refers to the business of distributing goods in bulk to retailers who can, in turn, repackage them in smaller quantities so that they can be sold directly to consumers. Though often confused with manufacturers, wholesalers in CNMI—also known as wholesale distributors or wholesale suppliers—function as middlemen between manufacturers and retailers instead. Using the CNMI Phone Book, you can locate a reliable wholesaler for almost everything in the Northern Marianas, from air conditioners and medicaments to branded beverages and other consumer goods. Simply navigate to the yellow pages section of the phone book and enter a relevant search term into the search bar.

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