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Remittance in CNMI

Foreign workers make up a majority of the workforce in the Northern Mariana Islands, filling 80% of the jobs in the hospitality and construction industries. Remittance in CNMI allows the territory’s migrant workers to send funds to their loved ones and family members in their home countries. Find a remittance center near you on the CNMI Phone Book.

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The term ‘remittance’ refers to a transfer of money usually initiated by a foreign worker to someone in his or her home country. Remittance in CNMI is a flourishing industry that caters to some 30,000 employed workers from China, Thailand, and the Philippines who regularly send money back to their origin countries. Many remittance centers also provide money changing services where travelers can purchase local currency or exchange any excess cash before leaving the territory. With the CNMI Phone Book, it’s easy to find a remittance center or money changer near you. Just navigate to the Yellow Pages tab and enter the relevant keyword to browse our business listings.

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