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Plant Nurseries in CNMI

Interested in starting a garden or looking to pick gardening up as your new hobby? A commercial plant nursery in CNMI should be your first stop. You can learn more about horticulture and arboriculture at these places and choose from hundreds—perhaps thousands— of plant varieties to get your new garden off to a great start. Find a plant nursery or tree farm near you with the help of the CNMI Phone Book today!

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Plant nurseries—sometimes simply shortened to “nurseries”—are places where plants are grown to a specific age. A retail plant nursery in CNMI will specialize in the small-scale sale of shrubs and trees. They may also offer other products and services related to home gardening or landscaping such as window boxes, porch planters, garden tools, and various outdoor adornments. Looking for a plant nursery, tree farm, or garden center in your area? The CNMI Phone Book is the most comprehensive directory of business listings in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Search for plant nurseries by using our easy-to-navigate website or by downloading our app on your smartphone now.

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