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Motels in CNMI

Also known as motorist hotels or motor lodges, motels are some of the most bang-for-your-buck accommodations that you can find in the Northern Mariana Islands. Motels in CNMI largely cater to the territory’s transient and tourist population. They offer clean and comfortable places to stay at affordable prices, making them a compelling option for travelers on a budget. Savvy backpackers use the CNMI Phone Book to find them, and so should you.

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Motels peaked in the swinging ‘60s, after automobile ownership boomed and long-distance road travel became more popular. To encourage occupancy, they began fashioning themselves as holiday destinations that could accommodate families on vacation, sojourning couples, and solo travelers. They started offering luxury amenities such as color televisions and swimming pools and installed in-room gimmicks such as water beds and neon lighting. Motels in CNMI provide safe and clean accommodations at prices that are hard to beat. In addition to air-conditioned rooms equipped with cable TV, some establishments offer in-room dining and free wireless internet. Easily locate the best motels in the territory with the help of the CNMI Phone Book.

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