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Liquor Stores in CNMI

No celebration in the Northern Marianas is complete without drinking and merrymaking! Fine liquor stores in CNMI offer a wide variety of pre-packaged alcoholic beverages suitable for every occasion. Shop their broad selections of beers, wines, and spirits by using the CNMI Phone Book to locate the liquor store nearest to your location.

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Liquor stores are neighborhood fixtures present in almost every country where alcohol can be openly consumed. In addition to alcoholic beverages, some liquor stores in CNMI also sell wine glasses, beer mugs, and other drinking accessories, as well as cigars and cigarettes. They also import hard-to-find specialty beers, wines and spirits from other countries to cater to connoisseurs and enthusiasts. The easiest way to find a liquor store for your next party or event is by looking up the available business listings in the Yellow Pages of the CNMI Phone Book. Just enter a relevant keyword in the search box!

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