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Libraries in CNMI

The wealth of the world’s information can be found on the internet or on the pages of a book. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to do your schoolwork in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands or you need resources for a research project, the libraries in CNMI can help you. Find a library that is accessible and close to you by checking out the listings on the CNMI Phone Book. Our contacts are always updated and reliable.

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Cozy up with a good book or work in peace without disturbance when you visit your local library. Contrary to popular belief, libraries aren’t just for university students, detectives, or bookworms. Many of them, including libraries in CNMI, come equipped with computers that you can use to do online research or simply surf the web when you can’t do so at home. Moreover, you can even browse the shelves to find and borrow as many books as you’d like to read at your own leisure. Just remember to return them on time, of course. Consult the listings of CNMI Phone Book to find a library nearest to you.

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