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Duty Free Shops in CNMI

One of the best things about holidaying in the Northern Marianas is shopping at the duty free shops in CNMI. At these establishments, tourists can pick up a variety of consumer goods that they can take back home to their loved ones, free of local taxes and duties. The best duty-free shops in the islands are all listed in the CNMI Phone Book, so browse our listings now.

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Duty free shops in CNMI can be considered tourist attractions unto themselves. Visitors to the Northern Marianas seek them out to score incredible deals on consumer goods that can be purchased free of local and national duties and fees. In addition to the duty-free shops found in the international zone of airports and seaports, there are also several standalone duty free shops in CNMI to choose from. Discover the most popular duty-free shops on the islands by browsing the CNMI Phone Book today.

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