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Dive Shops in CNMI

Scuba diving is a very popular activity among tourists and locals alike in the Northern Mariana Islands. There are plenty of vibrant dive sites to explore around the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. Home to impressive coral reefs and teeming with colorful tropical fish, the waters surrounding the Commonwealth are best discovered with the guidance of a local dive shop. As such, it would be advisable to find the best dive shops in CNMI with help from the CNMI Phone Book.

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A dive shop or dive center is a base for recreational divers that offers a variety of services related to the activity under one roof. At a dive shop, customers can rent or purchase diving equipment, have their gear repaired or maintained, get diving lessons, or hire a diving guide.

The immense popularity of the underwater sport in CNMI has spawned the creation of several dive shops situated near some of the most popular dive sites in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Experience the best scuba diving in the area by linking up with a local dive center today. Just use the CNMI Phone Book and look through our many listings.

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