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Cement Corporations in CNMI

Cement corporations in CNMI manufacture, market, sell, and distribute cement, a binding material commonly used in construction to set and harden aggregates such as sand and gravel to produce concrete. Without cement and the cement corporations that produce it, modern homes and buildings would simply be impossible to build. If you’re hoping to find a cement corporation or supplier in the Northern Marianas Islands, make use of the CNMI Phone Book to browse our business listings that specialize in cement manufacturing and distribution.

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In engineering and construction, cement is used only as a binding agent and is seldom used on its own. It is, however, an essential component in the process of creating other building and construction materials such as mortar (when mixed with fine aggregate) or concrete (when mixed with sand and gravel). Cement corporations in CNMI handle the manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution of cement, and they are often tapped for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. If you need to get in touch with a cement supplier or if you’re looking for the nearest cement plant near you, we can help. Using the search features of the CNMI Phone Book is the best way to locate businesses in the Northern Marianas.

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