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Associations in CNMI

Associations in CNMI are defined as groups of individuals that share a common interest, purpose, or mission, who have come together to mutually enrich and support each other. Almost any group or organization can be considered an association, even if it does not append the word to its name or title. If you’re looking to join one and reap the benefits of networking with like-minded people, you’ve come to the right place online. The CNMI Phone Book maintains the most comprehensive directory of businesses and services in the Northern Marianas, and here, you can find a multitude of listings for associations in CNMI.

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Associations have existed for as long as people have come together in groups, united under certain commonalities. Associations in CNMI, in particular, exist to provide services to its members, advocate for their members’ causes, work towards specific goals, or simply engage in shared interests. Joining an association can be extremely beneficial for networking purposes; it can also grant an individual access to resources that they might not have otherwise. With the CNMI Phone Book, you can easily look up professional societies, local chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations, and other kinds of associations in the Northern Mariana Islands.

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