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670 Rock Steady Co. in CNMI

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It was a common theme across the Pacific that many ancient Oceanic people incorporated the use of Limestone and Volcanic Rock in their everyday lives. Ancient Oceanic people shaped stone into tools, weapons, structural components and even used them religiously. The use of stone was so significant to the Oceanic people that their very survival and existence depended on it. It was so woven into the the cultural fabric that Pacific cultures to this day believe it to be part of their Identity. From the Latte stones of the Chamorros, Stone Money of Yap, Nan Madol of Pohnpei, the Heiaus of the Hawaiians and the Moai of Rapa Nui, one can attest the significance of these iconic relics made out of stone to a People. STEADY is the word added to “ROCK” that depicts the testament of these relics lasting throughout the years under the elements, still standing through the test of time.

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