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Bank of Saipan in CNMI

Detailed Information

We are Saipan’s oldest locally chartered bank and have been in operation since 1979.

The Bank of Saipan is the Commonwealth’s premier choice in community banking known for our great customer service and friendly smiles. Every customer is a VIP at the Bank of Saipan. We provide this great service at two convenient locations on Saipan. Our Garapan Branch is located near our tourism district and our Main Office is located in the heart of Saipan at Chalan Kanoa. You can find our Tinian branch inside the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino and our Rota branch is located in the charming village of Song Song. You can find additional information about our branches from the navigation bar above.

We sincerely believe our growth is a direct result of our commitment to providing the Commonwealth community with the best possible banking experience and services. Come by one of our branch offices or online and open an account today.

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